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What is a wiring harness

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What is a wiring harness

A wiring harness is a wiring component that connects various electrical equipment in a circuit, and is composed of insulating sheaths, terminals, wires, and insulating wrapping materials.

In order to facilitate installation and maintenance and ensure that the electrical equipment can work under the worst conditions, the wires of different specifications and colors used in the electrical equipment of the whole vehicle are rationally arranged and integrated, and the wires are bundled with insulating materials. In bunches, it is both complete and reliable.

Wire harnesses are mainly customized products with a wide variety. It is difficult to have a unified fully automated general-purpose equipment. We welcome new equipment and new technologies, and maximize the automation level of production, so that products can be as efficient as possible on the premise of ensuring quality. And maintain the consistency and stability of the product, effectively reducing the dependence on skilled employees.

Many of the company's products mainly focus on various terminals, wires, cables, connections such as intelligent robots, EV new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, automobile and motorcycle wiring harnesses, drone wiring harnesses, industrial control equipment wiring harnesses, network communication wiring harnesses, medical equipment wiring, etc. The connection module of the device and hardware series.